I love, love, love this picture!

Of course in my perfectionist way I would have preferred the lighting to be better BUT enough already – it’s a great picture. Jaime is back to school today and Sabrina goes back tomorrow. I go back to work next Tuesday, and Junior and Niki start back to daycare on Wednesday. I have had a wonderful maternity leave, my last maternity leave. Next time I’m off work this amount of time, I’ll be retired! WOW! Okay – back to the present. I realized this morning that I was able to enjoy extra time with all of my children because of the extreme amount of snow we’ve had in the area. I also had a fleeting thought that perhaps the world still did revolve around me and this was God’s way of giving me more time with the girls AND the babies. Tough break for the rest of Northern Virginia – sorry about that, but it was good for me. Having typed that, I do need the bad weather to cease and desist now that I am headed back to work and juggling everyone’s schedules. :-) I am nervous about the schedules but I have faith that all will work out wonderfully. Bridget is very comfortable with Simon and George, as they are with her. In fact the only thing I worry about with them at home alone on Wed – Fridays is that they will eat my kitchen cabinets and trim. I have been wishing for new cabinets though. Hmmmmm – perhaps I’ll hold of on spraying the bitter apple just yet.

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