Happy news is so easy to report and post about. It’s the really sad stuff that stops me in my tracks. We lost our eldest pet Saturday. We don’t know the cause. Jaws had gotten down to skin and bones at the end and had pretty much quit hopping or doing the happy dance that he used to always do. He was also not getting any nutrition from his food or water. Luckily, each of us were able to hold him some between Friday night and Saturday morning, when he passed. I believe the tiny fellow had more of an impact on all of us than we realized. He will be dearly missed.

Click here to view a journey through life with Jaws

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Last weekend was long and short at the same time. For the girls’ birthday they had received tickets to Taylor Swift in concert….in PENNSYLVANIA. She was performing with Kellie Pickler and Glorianna at Bryce Jordan Center on the campus of Penn State. The concert was AWESOME! I loved it! I really did. I think the girls enjoyed it too. I hope they did anyways. :-) The drive not so fun. Four hours up and then four and a half hours back and I believe we were leaving the parking lot at midnight. FYI…I’m pregnant and like to SLEEP at night, not drive. I said my prayers, though, and we got home, safe and sound. Of course Sunday had to include a nap so the weekend was basically preparing for, attending, and recouperating from the concert. Well worth it – in my book!

I am looking forward to a nice long weekend this labor day weekend though. The house is a wreck and needs attention BAD. The yard too. The pool is doing pretty well so perhaps we’ll actually get to get into it for FUN and not work purposes! The girls have dentist appointments for cavity fillings on Monday. I just realized that THEY should be paying for these fillings not the parents! Hmmmm – I’m gonna mention that as a new rule. See if it helps them take better care of their teeth!