20130425 - Mama squirrel is hungry

Last year we had ducklings. I still miss them so.  This year I have become quite fond of a little girl squirrel. I can't tell if she's just had babies or is getting ready to, but she is the cutest thing ever!  She has gotten quite brave around us and I have even hand fed her once.  This morning I snapped a few photos and videos of her.

20130413 - Joseph's Postponed Birthday Party

 Chuck E. Cheese crowning Joseph
 It's official - Joseph is finally 7!!!!
 The receiving line begins...
That loud noise was the belts kicking into overdrive, as Jaime pushed her horse to WIN the Derby.  Her horse was also immediately retired, following the race.  Poor thing.

It wasn't enough to put a horse out to pasture, Jaime had to wreck a few cars too.

Chuck E.'s sign says "Follow me for tickets"

Joseph and Nicholas are leading the followers

Nicole was somewhat demonic in her demands to stay at Chuck E Cheese forever

And, in the end, Nicholas and Joseph went Turbo - taking over the Extreme Eagles video game.

I made that last part up.  They just created a picture card, but going Turbo just seems so much cooler!