July 15 - 31, 2009

The last two weeks of July were busy ones for all of us. Junior would say “this is taking forever” as that is his new saying. He is also sounding less and less like a baby. He has learned to add the sssss sound at the beginning of words like nake, quare and kool. He’s also learned a lot of shapes including squares, rectangles, octogons, and pentagons. We had a yard sale on the 18th bringing in a little over $300. The girls’ portion was $80 which pleased them. They were also beside themselves with excitement of their impending birthdays. This is the first year ever that I have not held a party for them. It was strange not to be preparing for it for the past couple months, but kinda nice just the same. We all went to Chuck E Cheese on the 31st to celebrate. All 3 kids had a blast. With their tickets, Jaime bought an invisible inkpen set and proceeded to write on the interior roof of my van on the way home. Sabrina’s purchase was not as defacing but pretty irritating, as she got trick glasses that squirt water at unsuspecting parents and siblings. Did they just turn twelve or two????? For the last movie night it was my turn and we watched In The Womb. I’m sure I enjoyed it more than the others. For game night, it also happened to be my turn and I chose a game I played with my Nunna years ago, Rummi-O-II. Joe and I had been wanting to start teaching the girls Rummy, and they really seemed to enjoy it. Yippee! 

June 15 - July 14, 2009


I haven’t posted in a month – do I blame “busy”ness or “lazy”ness? How bout a little of both. I was on vacation at home from the 3rd to the 12th of July, so it’s likely we were very busy up to that point, and then decidedly lazy from July 3rd on.

I am back in the swing of things and hope to keep posts up on a weekly basis. I do think the format will change to weeks ending on Fridays and postings on Saturday mornings. We changed our family game night to Mondays (except this week), so we get to do it more often – which has proved to be more fun with each person’s turn coming around more quickly. The timing cut the way the weeks were falling though, so I’ll try this for a bit, and we’ll go from there.

Quick Overview of the Month:

First ultrasound was on June 17th

Sabrina was promted from elementary school and received 3 awards on June 18th

Girls have been reading and writing daily to keep their skills sharpened. They don’t know it yet but Math and Physical Fitness are in store for this next month, along with a sprinkling of spelling and vocabulary. And more chores too. Mean mommy – I know. They’re gonna be so happy when school starts back and they can slack off. hahahahha

The whole family had a BLAST watching the City of Manassas fireworks show. Happy Birthday America!!! May God bless you and keep you safe this next year!!!

George was fixed on July 10th and seems to have recovered incredibly quickly. Even though he still “wrestles” Simon in play, I think he is showing signs of becoming calmer already.

Movie Nights – we had to have had a couple – I only remember Titanic off the top of my head – it was good to see again, but boy – what a tear jerker. On my vacation I also saw Knowing and Marley and Me – “Puffy eyes” would have been a compliment

Game nights – there’s been at least 4 – Joe has been choosing UNO Flash quite a bit and winning too. We played Cranium Cadoo one week and Jaime and I were on the winning team. I’m drawing a blank on the other games we’ve played lately.

Today we had a genetics ultrasound because of the higher risk of my age, but everything looked great. The whole family enjoyed seeing the baby wave it’s arms and legs around at first. It measured 1.89 inches long and it’s heartbeat was 154.