Happy Fall

It’s 97 degrees and it doesn’t seem like Fall is here just yet. We started closing the pool last weekend and will have it completely shut down this weekend. It is a chore that makes me sad, but once those leaves start falling – I will be happy it’s done.

We had a great summer! No trips or vacations but we did have some very special visitors. Grandma and Papa Halcrow came to visit from Texas. It was great to see them. They got to meet their two youngest grandchildren. A good time was had by all! Especially me!!! ;-)

After months of planning and weeks of preparations, the girls enjoyed their 13th birthday party. It was an old fashioned carnival theme with games and concessions and chair dunking and pie throwing (real pies too – thanks to a fantastic sale at Bottom Dollar). Good Times!!! And now that it’s passed….let’s start planning next years! =) Just joking! We’ll wait until after New Years to get started on that!

The girls are back in school and doing well. Sabrina has joined her school’s performing arts club and is very excited. Jaime is entering her 3rd year of cheerleading and also enjoying being an eighth grader! I registered Junior for TBall (after missing the Spring Blastball sign up by 1 day!) and he was soooooo excited to start his practice on August 21st! He is really enjoying TBall and even maturing a little it seems. He is the youngest on the team and will be able to play for 2 more years, if it’s something he wants to continue.

After purchasing a fog machine and strobe light with their birthday money. We decided to have a Halloween Party/Haunted Basement Maze. Now if I could just have a yard sale to clear out the basement – we could starting decorating!!!

I just realized I hadn’t mentioned Little Miss Niki Lynn yet in this post. Well she is doing GREAT! She is such a happy, sweet baby who love to laugh, especially at her brother! She’s an eater though! She is eating everything out there (’cept milk, eggs, fish and peanuts) but the rest of the food items of the world – look out – or she’ll eat you! As I type she has 6 teeth showing and 2 just under the surface. She cruises furniture with ease, LOVES bath time and can squat like she’s an aerobic instructor. She’s amazing!