Enjoying summer!

We are having a great summer!  Nicole's ear is officially healed and she can begin swimming and bathing without earplugs or headbands.  Yippee!

The house is looking AMAZING with everyone's help in our new cleaning routines.  Joseph, Nicole and I had a great time the other night - just being crazy and cleaning the playroom as fast as we could go!  I love it!  It is so relaxing to be able to enjoy your home and not stress over it.  And clean toilets and sinks, now there's something to cheer about.

We've had some fun game nights and movie nights too!  This movie night coming up I even got a fire pit (of sorts) and have all the supplies for campfire smores.  Yummy!  Loving all the desserts we've been having too, with all my extra time on my hands to make them.

Like I said, it's been a really great summer!

Here's a video of combined bowling from today and a shot of the scoreboard and the winner and her final scoreboard.

Nobody picked up any pins on the 2nd half of their 6th frame!

I purposely caught her off guard.  Funny expression for someone who loves winning and just won!

That was her actual total - 2nd place was me with 101 - NOT 0.  =)