I've just realized how old I am

Niki's 3rd birthday was the 12th and her party was the same day.  (I'll have to insert a post for that, come to think of it.)  Among her many presents was a Toys r Us gift card, from her aunts Lori and Anita.  We took her shopping on Saturday and she bought a few things, including an umbrella and a little yellow buddy.

None of that left me missing my youth.  Even putting her to bed and sensing the photo op had me feeling the warm and fuzzy of a proud mama.

When I reviewed the photos though, while walking into my room and sitting on the edge of my bed, it became so clear.  I don't take anything to bed with me anymore.  When you're young that is the most obvious choice.  If you love it, sleep with it.  And with only 25 more shopping days until my birthday, I have resolved to pick my favorite gift, and tuck it in with me for the night.  And I'm really hoping it's a new camera.  =)

God bless!

Happy New Year!

And Merry Christmas!  Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Halloween!  Happy Labor Day and every other holiday I missed in between.

We had a wonderful 2012.  Well, it seems that way since I was on vacation for almost two weeks there at the end, which was awesome!  Love being off with the children, especially when Christmas and New Years are in the mix.