June 8 - 14, 2009

Let’s see, last week, what happened?!?! Hmmm I really don’t recall anything eventful. The pregnancy hormones must have taken over my brain because I don’t recall anything at all.

The gas ran out on my grill – I remember that – 3 minutes before the chicken was finished cooking. Had to finish it up in the oven/broiler. No one showed any signs of sickness from it – so that was good.

Joe was off Tuesday and Wednesday with his new schedule and seemed ok after working Thursday through Saturday in a row. He used Sunday to rest up after the long stint. I am sure it will take some getting used to, and then about that time, it’ll change again. :-)

Joe, Junior and I went to the Salvation Army Wednesday afternoon to purchase some maternity clothes for me. Excellent prices and an even better fit. Junior found a Buzz Lightyear shirt for 75 cents. My kind of deal! He was so excited that he wanted to wear it home. We talked him out of that, but he did wear it the next day to day care.

The weekend was quiet and lazy. A trip to the library and swimming a lot was about it. There was some unneeded excitement in the swimming department. George dunked Junior with both paws. Junior had been in the pool and George wasn’t paying him any mind, but I watched him turn and look at Junior at one point and I KNEW what was coming. George pounced and I pounced. Junior was only under for a second if that. I quickly stood him up on the edge of the pool, out of harm’s way. He said, “Thank you Mommy.” Awwww how sweet. Now to kill the dog. I didn’t have to – the second I turned around he had tucked tail, jumped out of the pool and bolted out of the fenced area. My best friend mentioned perhaps it is George’s “instinct” that has him “saving” people. Joe thinks he’s just playing like he does on land, not realizing that water is softer than land, and has the potential to drown his playmates. I am taking the easy way out and hoping it hormones. Well they run my life – why not everything else’s? He is scheduled to be fixed on July 10th. Until then, he is not allowed to step paw into the pool area while children are swimming. After July 10th, it’ll be on a very closely watched basis.

June 1 - 7, 2009

Last week didn’t end well and this week didn’t start well. Just as he was preparing to leave for work, Joe heard an inner voice tell him to check on the female snake who appeared to have ovulated recently. Sure enough – there were eggs – unfortunately – all four appear to Joe to be slugs. He did move them to the incubator but feels it’s only a matter of time before they perish.

Sabrina’s Monday wasn’t much better. After arriving at school, they ushered the 5th graders to the auditorium to begin a day of healing after the loss of one of their teachers.

Junior was quite excited about the contents of the care package that arrived Monday from Grandma and Papa Halcrow, especially the Nintendo Game Boys! He played The Land Before Time game like an old pro. I had never seen a 3 year old do so well on a video game. It was really cool!

We also celebrated Joe’s birthday as a family on Monday. We had a Carvel ice cream cake. Aunt ‘Nita, Grandma and Papa Dalbo arrived in time to share in the celebration with us. The kids got their Daddy an orbital sander thingy.

Georgie-Porgie turned 6 months old this week and Simon is now forever in his shadow. I never thought I would view Simon as a small dog but he is looking smaller and smaller each day.
Family Game Night was my choice and I chose a $100,000 Pyramid DVD game that we received in the care package. The girls have never seen the show themselves but really enjoyed the clue giving part, once they got the hang of it.

Family Movie Night was Sabrina’s choice and at least now I don’t have to worry about a trip to the beach this year, as she chose Jaws. She loves sharks and did pretty good watching one wreck havoc. Kids will be kids, and I guess I have two with pretty good heads on their shoulders (SOMETIMES) because they actually laughed at the point where Jaws killed the old boat Captain. I think they saw the movie for what it was and were happily entertained. I will admit – I saw the movie through different eyes this time. Not sure when the last time was that I watched it, but it was before having children, because I let loose quite a few tears when Roy’s sons were in/near the pond where Jaws was attacking. Funny how things change with kids around.

Our weather was rainy all week so the pool was pretty cold Saturday but quite comfortable on Sunday. It’s amazing how much time and energy the members of our family use in planning to throw people into the pool. It’s almost become an obsession for some. :-)

Speaking of…..Jaws, our eldest ferret, has lost his hop it seems. He’s not the young, bouncing hairball he used to be. When he spent time running (walking mostly) around the house on Sunday, he looked his age. He seems a lot more fragile now. Still the sweetest ferret in town though!