TBall Recap Padres vs. Mets Field 7 GMBL

M-E-T-S Mets Mets Mets! Before calling the game for lightning, Joseph and his team did FANTASTIC! Joseph played 2nd, then 1st and was in right field for the last inning. He was so proud to get two outs when he was on first. He also did well for himself at bat, getting a double his first inning and flyballs that quickly rolled to the outfield the following innings. In fact, his daddy heard a passer-by “Whoa” one of those hits. =)

Happy Easter and Happy Mother's Day

Well, atleast I didn’t have to list as many holidays as the previous post – but unfortunately it is just well wishes and not much meat to this post. Trying to sneak out a little early to get to Joseph’s TBall game. I am dugout mom tonight. =)

Rock and Roll Baby

Niki had been rolling over from her back to her belly for different people at different times for the past week or so now. But Daddy finally got to see her AND Mommy had her cell phone and could tape it. I cannot believe how fast she’s growing. I miss my immobile baby.