Four Month Well Check for Niki

Last night she got 2 shots and an oral vaccine. She LOVED them. NOT! After a couple doses of infant tylenol she was fine. She was actually pretty happy soon after but she did seem to have some pain in the night and get quite warm. She was all smiles this morning in the bath and heading to daycare. She weighed in at 12 pounds 12 ounces and 2 feet tall. I am definitely finding the other children’s’ shot records this weekend. I think Jaime was two feet tall at two years of age. I am probably wrong and I shall find out soon. Anyways, Miss Niki is doing just as she should for her age – rolling over, talking the doc’s ear off, following sounds and people. We can start her on pseudo solids too. But no cheerios until she holds her head up better and has a tooth or two – whatever! I joke that she’s going to turn into Monica from Friends because she’s been staring us down when we eat or drink for a month now. Oh well – this is all for experimentation and her learning about food anyways. What fun we will have!