May 4 - 10, 2009

Too wet to swim in the first half of this week, and the tree spring thingys were all over the place. Which didn’t stop Junior from jumping around in his rain boots in the back yard puddles. George celebrated his five month birthday – only one month til “snip snip”. Sabrina received her 4th quarter interim. She got a C in Math, Bs in both Science and Reading and As in Social Studies and Language Arts. She said she is going to do her best to improve those grades by the end of the year. We know she can do it! Friday night was game night – Daddy’s choice – Uno Flash – The Winner of the evening was Daddy. Something to note, Mommy racked up so many points the last hand that she went from tied for first to almost last place. FUN :-) The sun came out and made for a beautiful day Saturday. Mommy, Junior and the dogs went swimming while the girls played school. Seriously! Saturday night, Movie night, was Jaime’s choice – and she chose Hotel for Dogs – It was a great movie! Thanks Jaime! Mother’s Day began at 630am when I awoke to breakfast in bed – Yummy! The girls told me that they had gotten up at 4am to decorate the back sliding glass door with window paint – then went back to bed – only to wake up at 6am and start preparing breakfast. They gave me a really nice card and gift bag filled with flamingoes and handmade goodies. Junior had also made me a card and magnet at day care. I also enjoyed not cooking the whole day!

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