May 11 - 17, 2009

Sabrina studied really hard this week. She had two SOL tests this week, Reading (which was “good”) and Science (which was a lot easier than she thought it was going to be). Jaime attended Cheer Camp on Wednesday afternoon. Joe learned that his new work schedule starts June 8th. He will be off Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays starting then. Which is great for the girls’ schedule and summer being just around the bend. Junior learned the word “aisle”. I know this because he asks me when I leave a parking spot, “Mommy, you want to leave the aisle?” Also cute – is that he’s learning to tell people what time it is (in his mind). Joe had him Thursday and I on Friday (Miss Karen was off for John’s wedding *BEST WISHES TO HAPPY COUPLE!!*). Anyways, we both attempted to sleep in on our respective mornings but were told “it’s time to wake up, it’s 833″ It wasn’t 833am, but that he thought so was just too CUTE! The pool is looking pretty good, if I do say so myself. After 2+ weeks of wind and rain, I am actually surprised it’s doing so well. And as of Friday….George is bigger than Simon. They meet shoulder to shoulder but George’s backend has surpassed his big brother’s. WOW! Only 18.5 more months of growing! :-) I almost forgot, Junior DOES know his address, in fact he can sing it. I got a video of it and will upload it as soon as I figure out how. And I’ll upload the audio of him singing his ABCs. We’re so proud! :-)

On the 15th, we also found out that we are expecting another baby. Online preganacy calendars calculate the due date as 1.19.10. Junior learned the results the same time as me – while I shockingly stated outloud (the positive line took it’s time showing up) “OH MY GOODNESS….we’re gonna have a baby” Then he repeated it, and then I repeated it too as the reality of it all sunk in, or should I say started to sink in. He told his Daddy as soon as he got home that day. Joe smiled.

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