Yesterday and This Morning

Sweet daughters on the swing before I warned them of the spider behind them!

Beautiful fall day and they can't stop playing with their i's =)

Here are some photos I took of Sabrina and Jaime's playdoh creations last night.  They are SO talented.  I was happy to make a snake or snowman when I was a child!

This morning I walked out of the house and almost walked into this...

The pictures above were taken this morning of "Charlotte".  My spider friend.  She was living in the upper corner of the doorway and made the most authentic spooky door spiderwebs but recently she has moved to a location directly over the front sidewalk!  Sooo cool!  Her web spans from the dogwood trees on either side and I caught her right in the middle working on her breakfast!  I have a feeling Joe is going to move her to a less traveled place while I am at work today.

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