Here we go again!

First day of school. The end of summer. Maybe not for some but for Sabrina, it is. And Jaime and for the first time, Joseph, will soon follow suit. Nicole still has four years, lucky girl.

We have had a really good summer. The pool has been in good shape the whole season and even though we won’t close it for a couple months, it’s still different once school starts and temperatures drop at night. We didn’t have any formal vacations this year but did get to go to King’s Dominion and Six Flags. Nicole rode her first roller coaster too! We also met some football stars and got autographs too. Joseph still has one last hurrah to go. We have tickets to see the Mets play the Nationals on the Friday before school starts for him. Every baseball he sees has him asking if he can take it to the game for autographs. We were able to enjoy more frequent family movie and game nights over the summer too. And let me tell you that 80s Scene It is not as easy as one 40 year old might think! But I was a good sport, even in my loss to EVERYONE, fer shure, TOTALLY! =)

We are all excited for this school year though and all the moments it will bring! Especially with Joe and I quitting smoking the end of July, and the promise of a long awaited trip to Disney World next summer!

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