End of Summer Fun

For last weekend’s movie night, we did something we had never tried before. Skyline Cinema in Centreville. It was really neat. They basically had blowup screens in a parking lot, where they showed the movie at dark. Before the movie there was games and face painting and moon bounces. Want to hear the neatest part…everything was free and we aren’t even Fairfax County residents. I’ve known of the drive in summer movies for a couple years had always hoped that when we went it might give the children a glance into our past with a movie venue type that we experienced as children and was part of our upbringing. It just not quite the same. When you can surf the web from a phone while waiting for the movie to begin or you tune to a radio station instead of having a speaker hooked to your window for sound and oddest still was putting the minivan seats in the “gound” to make room for comfortable pillows and blankets. Oh well – it’ll give them something to tell their grandkids as they fly around in spaceships. :-) As for game night – we were coincidentally invited to cousin Hailey’s birthday dinner at Chuck E Cheese on Monday. I had intended to have each family member play the same game together, and decide the winner by score, but we ran out of game tokens too quick. Not before I got a “sketch” picture of all three of them, though. LOVE IT!

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